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Asuric Existence

The Twilight of Civilizations
Asuric Existence
The Wolves of Northern Blizzard

"Asuric Existence" is the first LP debut album released by Lord of the North band. It contains 9 tracks which are 52 minutes journey through the darkest, gloomy desolation of atmospheric and symphonic black metal. Misanthropic, pesymistic, hopless, burning with rage against divine idoles is the most accurate summary of this album's spirit. A whole concept of this record, visual arts and music were invented by "Sinister".


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About Lord of the North


Atmospheric black metal band from Poland, formed in 2016 by initiative of one person with nickname "Sinister".

The major concept of this project is deeply rooted in scandinavian black metal genre with many influances from the dark ambient, ritual, pagan, classical and symphonic music. Finally band has finished the work on its first full length album entitled "Asuric Existence".

It's a hopeless, dark path leading to inevitable doom. From the other hand a manifestation of the rebellious, primal fire within us as essential, vital force of nature and will which is the main stimulant to overcome any resistance, all obstacles on the way.

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